Keolis app

Simply travel with your ticket on your phone. Download the Keolis app and buy a ticket.

  • Easy to set up
  • Travel straight away
  • No subscription card or OV chip card needed

If you buy a ticket or subscription in the app, your phone is your ticket for the bus.

Click on 'Buy a ticket' in the app, find the ticket or season ticket of your choice and put it in the shopping cart. After payment via iDeal or credit card, the subscription is directly in the app on the page 'Active tickets' and you can then immediately travel with it.

You therefore no longer need a sight pass or public transport chip card. You simply show the subscription from the app to the driver or conductor.

To be able to travel with a ticket/subscription, every traveler must have their own account in the Keolis app.

The Keolis app is valid if the 'day code' on the app is clearly visible. The user of the Keolis app must therefore ensure that his or her smartphone functions correctly. This means that the date and time on the smartphone must be set correctly. An incorrectly set date and time can result in the display of the wrong day code and thus an invalid ticket. If you have any questions about this, please contact our customer service on +31 88-0331360.

Create an account per traveler

To be able to travel with a ticket/subscription, every traveler must have their own account in the Keolis app. You download the Keolis app for iOS and Android in the App Store or Google Play.

You want to purchase a subscription in the Keolis app for your child(ren)

  • You download the Keolis app on the mobile phone(s) of your child(ren).
  • Your children must all have their own account for this. Don't have your own account yet? Then you still have to create it.
  • After your children have registered their account on their own mobile phones, you as a parent can buy a product for your children on your own phone. Make sure you choose 'buy for someone else' during the checkout process. Here you enter the e-mail address of your child's account.

You can buy the following products in the Keolis app:

- Ticket (OV Reiskaart)
- Syntus Night Ticket (Syntus Nachtnet Ticket)
- Kidsticket
- Kids groupticket (Kind groepsticket)
- Syntus Amersfoort Off Peak groupticket (Syntus Amersfoort Dal groepticket)
- Syntus Amersfoort Off Peak free month subscription (Syntus Amersfoort Dal vrij maand)

No OV-chipkaart required
NB! If you purchase a ticket in the app, you no longer need an OV-chipkaart. You travel with your phone by showing the ticket.

You only need a data connection (WiFi or network) to download the app and to buy a ticket or subscription. No data connection is required while traveling with the app. Once you have purchased a ticket or subscription, you can activate and use it offline via the app, for example if you are going to travel by bus or train. No MBs will then be used.

With a subscription, your phone must have an internet connection once every 24 hours to renew the code and colour. This code and color serves as a means of identification for the driver. This happens automatically, for example when you are on a WiFi connection at home. So you do not have to open the app for this.

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play.

Do you have questions about using the Keolis app?
Click here on our customer service page or call with +31 88 - 033 13 60.