Keolis app will stop

Since the beginning of 2023 year you can easily check in and out with your debit card. We call this OVpay. That is why the Keolis app will stop.

With the arrival of OVpay, traveling by public transport becomes even easier. You no longer have to buy a separate ticket or top up the balance on your OV chip card. You can easily check in and out with your debit card, credit card or payment app on your mobile. You travel for the favorable balance rate. Want to know how it works? Visit

Trip planner
To plan your trip, we refer you to the travel planner on the website. Or use another travel app, such as  9292 or Tranzer.

Individual tickets and subscriptions can still be purchased in the Keolis app until December 31, 2023 and can be used until February 29, 2024.

You can also still buy your ticket on the bus. If you prefer to buy a ticket in an app, you can do so in the Tranzer app. 

For sale via Tranzer:
• Child Group Ticket Utrecht
• Syntus Amersfoort Dal Group Ticket
• Syntus Amersfoort 1 Day Free
• Syntus Amersfoort Dal Vrij Maand
• Night network tickets: check in and out with your OV chip card or your debit card or buy a ticket via the 9292/Tranzer app. Please note: you pay a service fee.
No longer for sale:
• Kids ticket: children up to 11 years old travel for free
• OV Travel Cards: you can travel with OVpay (check in and out with the debit card) or pay for a journey via the 9292/Tranzer app via the travel planner (balance rate + service costs)

If you still have a ticket/subscription in your wallet, please use it no later than February 29, 2024. After that, the ticket will expire.