OVpay: check in and out with your debit card at Syntus Utrecht

You choose what suits you

With OVpay, we are introducing the new check-in and check-out in public transport in the Netherlands for travelers who travel second class and without a discount or season ticket. Are you such a traveler? Then from 21 March 2023 you can check in and out on all lines of Syntus Utrecht and U-OV (including the tram) with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone.

How does OVpay work?

Very easy: you hold your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile against the card reader or the gate and - bleep! - you are checked in. After your trip you check out in the same way, with the same pass. It's that simple. It is similar to contactless payment in the supermarket. The difference: you also check out when you get of the bus.

Make sure you have contactless payment enabled and that you remove your card from your wallet when checking in and out. This way you can check in with the pass you want.

OVpay is getting closer

We are now introducing check-in and check-out with the contactless debit card, credit card, or mobile. Ideal if you occasionally travel by public transport in second class and without a discount or subscription.

After this we will expand so that students, business travelers and season ticket holders can also use OVpay. You have to be patient for that. We will keep you informed when new possibilities are added.

Step by Step

  1. Check in with your contactless debit card, credit card or your debit card on your mobile. Remove your debit card from your wallet. This way you know for sure which pass you are checking in with.
  2. Are you getting out? Then you check out with the same card that you used to check in. Even now you take the card out of your wallet when you check out.
  3. Your payment is automatic. The next day you will see the amount in your payment overview with the description NLOV. The price for your trip is the same as traveling with your public transport chip card without a discount or season ticket.
  4. Do you want to view the travel costs of that day? Enter the 14 numbers and letters behind NLOV and the debited amount on this page.

Can this be done with my debit card?

You can check in and out with:

  • a contactless debit card from ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, Knab or SNS
  • a contactless credit card from Mastercard or Visa (issued by ICS, among others)
  • a mobile that is linked to one of the aforementioned debit or credit cards for contactless payment. So also with Apple Pay or Google Wallet
  • a foreign contactless debit or credit card from Maestro, V PAY, Mastercard or Visa
Simply without an OV-chipcard or subscription. Pre-registration is not necessary. Always remove your OV-chip card or debit card from your wallet or phone case. This way you know for sure what you are checking in and out with.


Frequently asked questions about OVpay

Do you want to know more? On the OVpay website a lot of questions and answers are listed for you. If your question is not listed, you also have the option of contacting us by telephone.


  • Avoid double travel costs. Now that you can travel with both your bank card and public transport chip card, it is important to adhere to the following steps. First choose the pass you want to check in with. Remove the pass from your wallet or phone case. Hold the card against the card reader. You are checked in. Check out again with the same pass. This way you avoid double travel costs. Still missed a checkout? Check www.ovpay.nl/en/travelcosts
  • Your plastic debit/credit card and the mobile version on your phone are considered two separate cards, even if they are linked to the same bank account. So you cannot check in with the plastic debit card and then check out with your mobile.

Stay informed

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Do you have questions? We get that! Everything is listed on the ovpay.nl website. This way you can read at which places in our country you can already check in and out with OVpay. You will also find the answers to questions you may have as a traveler. So that you can read everything again quietly.

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