Syntus Star subscription

If you travel by bus and/or train (nearly) every day (commuters and students), the Syntus Utrecht Star subscription may be right for you.

With the Syntus Utrecht Star subscription, you can travel on Syntus buses as well as all U-OV (QBuzz) services – buses and trams – within the province of Utrecht.

Our offer

Unlimited use of Syntus' buses and the buses and trams of U-OV in the valid area and for the duration of the subscription's validity. You select a so-called "centre zone," from which you can travel the same number of zones in all directions as the number of stars you purchased for your subscription.

For example:
A two-star subscription allows you to travel one zone in all directions from your centre zone, while a 3-star subscription allows you to travel two zones away from your centre zone.

For whom?

A Star subscription is ideal for anyone who travels by bus and/or train nearly every day.

Rates and availability

The Syntus Utrecht Star subscription is:

  • Available as a monthly or annual subscription;
  • Available as a full or reduced rate subscription. Reduced rates are available for people between the ages of 4 and 18 and people over 65.
  • Available as a one- to six-star subscription.

You can buy this subscription in our webshop


The Syntus Utrecht Star subscription is valid:

  • In the province of Utrecht with Syntus Utrecht and Qbuzz (U-OV) and in the U-OV express tram and on lines 195 and 205 (Arriva and Syntus).

Additional information

The Syntus Utrecht Sterabonnement can only be placed on a personal OV chip card.
With a Syntus Utrecht Star subscription you always have to check in and out with your OV chip card, because otherwise you do not have a valid ticket and you run the risk of a fine.

To read the general terms and conditions of Star subscriptions, click here.