Local bus

Local buses feature OV chip card equipment. It will continue to be possible to travel on local buses in Utrecht with your OV chip card. You can also buy a ticket for the local bus from the driver.

Travelling with your OV chip card is cheaper than purchasing a single ticket from the driver of the local bus.

Rates and availability

In addition to regular OV chip card products, there is the option of getting a specific local bus travel product with your OV chip card:

Type 2021
Ticket local bus € 2.80
Ticket on OV chip card € 1.90
Miscellaneous Like regular buses
  • Are you traveling with your OV chip card? Then the following conditions apply:
  • Are you traveling on balance and do you have no subscription? In the neighborhood bus you travel at a fixed rate, namely € 1.90 per ride. There is no boarding rate charged and no age discount applied.
  • All OV chip card products that are valid in our regular bus also apply to the local bus. The free travel and discount products are therefore also valid on the local bus lines. The discount is calculated on the normal kilometer rate. The boarding rate is calculated and the age discount is also applied. View the current mileage and boarding rate here.
  • A star subscription is also valid on neighborhood bus lines within the zone area. For the part of the journey outside the zone area, you travel on balance and the fixed journey price of € 1.90 applies.
  • The student public transport chip cards are also valid on the neighborhood bus lines. The discount is applied to the normal trip rate. Outside the period of validity (during the peak period for StudentWeekend), you travel on balance and therefore the fixed rate of € 1.90 applies.
  • Traveling on balance gives transfer rights when transferring from a local bus line to a regular line, i.e. no boarding fare is charged for the second trip.