Local bus tariff

You can travel on the local bus with your OV-chipkaart, OVpay or buy a ticket from the driver.

  • Never more than € 4,95
  • For sale on the bus or travel with your OV-chipkaart.
On the local bus you can travel with an OV chip card, OVpay (check in and out with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile). You travel on the local bus on balance, but you never pay more than € 4.95.

When you travel on balance, you pay a basic rate plus an amount for each kilometer travelled. An entry fee will first be debited from your balance when you check in. At check-out, the boarding fare will be refunded and the kilometers traveled and the basic fare will be charged. If you transfer within 35 minutes, you only pay the basic fare once.

Children up to 4 years old travel for free and in 2024 children from 4 to 11 years travel free with an adult (max. 3 children free per adult).

Entree fee Boarding rate  Syntus Utrecht price per kilometer
€ 4,00 € 1,08 € 0,187

Are you traveling with a ticket?
  • The local bus ticket is valid on all local buses, for 1 journey*.
  • A neighborhood bus can be recognized by the line number between 500 and 599.

Are you traveling with your OV chip card? Then the following conditions apply:

  • Are you traveling on balance and do not have a subscription? On the local bus you travel on balance. You never pay more than €4.95.
  • All OV-chipkaart products that are valid in our regular bus also apply to the local bus. The free travel and discount products are therefore also valid on the local bus lines. The discount is calculated on the normal kilometer rate. The boarding rate is calculated the age discount is also applied. View here the current kilometer rate and boarding rate.
  • A Syntus Utrecht Ster abonnement is also valid on local bus lines within the zone area. For the part of the journey outside the zone area, travel is on credit and the fixed fare of € 2.05 applies. The student OV-chipkaart are also valid on the local bus lines. The discount is applied to the normal fare. Outside the period of validity (during peak hours for StudentWeekend) you travel on balance and the normal kilometer rate applies. Traveling on balance gives transfer rights when transferring from a local bus line to a regular line, i.e. no boarding fee is charged for the second journey.
  • It is also possible to travel on the local bus with your travel on account product on the OV-chipkaart (such as NS Flex). The ride will then be settled with your monthly invoice, so you do not need to have a balance on your card for this. You will then pay the basic rate + kilometer rate instead.
*Also valid up to and including the Vrijheidslaan/Straatweg stop in Breukelen when transferring from local bus 524 to line 120.

For anyone who to travel by local bus.
The local bus ticket can be purchased from the local bus driver. You pay with pin or credit card.
Type Price
Ticket local bus € 3,00
OV-chipkaart/OVpay   € 2,05
Other Like a regular bus
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