If you are visually impaired, you can travel by bus, tram and metro (and public transport over water) throughout the Netherlands at a lower boarding rate. The Sentire product itself is free.

  • Free to purchase.
  • Standard age discount in city and regional transport.
  • Entry fee of € 1.20
For free
With Sentire you travel at a lower boarding rate of € 1,20 in the metro, bus, tram and public transport over water throughout the Netherlands. With Sentire you are entitled to the standard age discount that applies to city and regional transport for travel on balance. The lower boarding rate reduces the negative consequences if you forget to check out.
  • In the bus, tram, metro and public transport by water throughout the Netherlands, where you can travel with a OV-chipcard for public transport (so only without additional product).
  • Sentire can only be loaded onto a personal OV-chipcard.
  • Sentire cannot be used in combination with other travel products that are loaded onto the personal OV-chipcard.
  • If, in addition to Sentire, one or more travel products are loaded on the OV-chipcard, these other products will be preferred to Sentire as soon as check-in takes place. You then pay the boarding rate applicable to that product.
  • Sentire ends in 2030.
  • The same conditions apply to Sentire as the conditions for travel on credit for urban and regional transport as published on The only exceptions to these conditions are Sentire's reduced boarding fare and mandatory age change. You must request an age change within 3 months after your 12th, 19th or 65th birthday.
  • Click here for the Sentire product conditions.
This product suits you if you have a visual impairment.
  • At the service desks of all operators except NS.
  • Via the application form. This application form must be sent to Connexxion's customer service. They ensure that the product is prepared and can be loaded onto your OV-chipcard at a collection machine. You can only use Sentire after you have loaded the travel product onto your OV-chipcard.