OVpay: check in and out with your debit card in the province of Utrecht


In addition to their public transport chip card, travelers in the province of Utrecht can now also check in and out with a contactless debit card or credit card on all buses of Syntus Utrecht and the trams and buses of U-OV – also on their mobile. With the introduction of OVpay, traveling by bus at Syntus Utrecht is even easier.

New forms of payment

Payment for public transport will change in the coming years. The public transport chip card will be replaced and new forms of payment will be added. The traveler will soon decide for himself how he or she pays. Traveling by public transport is therefore becoming smarter and easier. These new forms of payment are being introduced nationally by the joint public transport companies under the umbrella name OVpay.

In almost all of the Netherlands you can already check in and out with your contactless debit card, credit card or with the payment app on your phone. You can now pay for your trip just as easily as your groceries in the store.

How does it work?

Traveling with a debit card is very simple: exactly the same as the public transport chip card. When boarding the driver, take your mobile phone or remove your bank card from your wallet. You then check in securely with your contactless debit card, credit card or payment app on your mobile. There is no need to register in advance or download an app.

Travelers in the province of Utrecht can check in and out as of today with:

  • a contactless debit card from ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, or SNS;
  • a Mastercard or Visa contactless credit card (issued by ICS);
  • all foreign contactless debit or credit cards from Maestro, VPAY, Mastercard and Visa;
  • a smartphone paired for contactless payment.

Wait for the 4 green lights: this applies to paying with a bank card, public transport chip card and your mobile phone. This way you can be sure that you have checked in or out properly. To check in and out properly, hold your card in front of the card reader until the 4 green lights are on.

NB! Getting out means checking out! You do this with the same debit card, credit card or payment app on your mobile that you used to check in.

The following also applies when checking in and out with your debit card:

  • make sure you have sufficient balance in your bank account before you check in, so you can pay for your rides today and check out.

The payment is safe and automatic. The next day you will see the amount in your payment overview, with the description NLOV. The price for your trip is the same as traveling with an OV chip card without a discount or season ticket.

More information
More information for travelers can be found at syntusutrecht.nl/ovpay. Information about the introduction of new forms of payment in public transport is available at: ovpay.nl.