Travel easily and safely with the OV chip card or Syntus app.

When you use the OV chip card or the Syntus app, you do not have to pay cash when buying your ticket from the bus driver. This is a safer and easier way to travel!

  • The OV chip card is the perfect way to travel with public transport. You can use this card on all trains, buses, metros and trams in the Netherlands;
  • The Syntus app allows you to travel with your smartphone and ensures you always have a ticket with you. You can purchase a variety of tickets and subscriptions via the Syntus app.

Together with other Dutch transport operators, Syntus is looking for a joint solution to ban cash payments in buses in order to make public transport safer. Syntus wants to ban cash payments in all Syntus buses per 1 January 2018. To prepare for this transition, Syntus will set up a pilot programme this year to test equipment for alternative payment methods such as debit card payments and touch-free payments.

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