Did you know? You can no longer pay cash in buses. You can now pay by card!

By no longer accepting cash in buses, public transport will become safer. You can still pay using your bank card, the Syntus app or the OV-chipkaart, which are all easy and safe payment methods. Do you want to pay in cash after all? You can purchase a ticket beforehand at one of our service points. There is bound to be one near you. 
  • The OV-chipkaart is the perfect way to travel by public transport. You can use this card all over the Netherlands to travel by train, bus, metro and tram.
  • You can travel using your phone with the Syntus app, which means your ticket is always within reach. Syntus has various tickets available for sale in the Syntus app.
  • You can buy separate tickets from the driver using your bank card. 
  • Want to pay in cash? At our service points, you can.

Why can you no longer pay cash money?

It is no longer possible to pay in cash. We have decided this in order to increase security in buses for our employees and travellers. On top of that, the new payment methods (like bank cards and credit cards) are faster and more efficient. There is no longer any need for change, for example. 

Would you like to pay in cash after all?

If you want to pay in cash after all, you can do so at one of our service points before you start your journey. The OV-chipkaart or the Syntus app are other possible payment methods.

Click here for an overview of all service points.

Will all credit cards be accepted?

The following credit cards will be accepted: VISA, MasterCard & American Express, China Union Pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB.

Is it safe to pay by card in buses?

Yes, it is. In the bus, you will always pay using a certified ATM.