Want to plan your journey from door to door?

You have informed us of the importance of being able to plan your journey properly.
You can easily plan your journey using our interactive journey planner. It will show you all of the stops along the route. This interactive journey planner offers you visual, comprehensible, and up-to-date information on all your travel options.

Always enough credit

Choose to automatically reload your personal OV-chipkaart.This way you always have enough funds to travel. Easy like that! Click here for more information. 

Maintenance or disruptions

Sometimes it happens that our buses cannot go their usual route due to road works or breakdowns or that a bus stop is temporarily out of use. Check all planned road works here or stay updated on the actual situation on your route via our route planner and our app.

Night buses

Out for the night? Syntus will make sure you get home safely. A special night service serves Amersfoort, Utrecht, and Amsterdam after midnight during the weekend, so you can always be sure of getting home safely after a night out. Check out our night services here.

Please note that you will need a special night bus ticket for this service, which you can purchase via our app or on the night bus. Click here for more information about Syntus Utrecht night bus tickets.

Access to travel information


You will find all of our travel information in the Syntus app, but you can always just ask the bus driver as well.
Click here for more travel information

Custom timetable

Sometimes the timetable differs from normal days. Think about holidays or special events like 5th of May (Liberation Day) or Kingsnight. Syntus keeps you informed. Do not be surprised by these days and plan your trip with our travel planner.