Syntus presents KeoBike

KeoBike is innovative. Syntus is the first regional transport provider to start with KeoBike, an innovative bike-sharing concept with a total of 340 bicycles in 26 locations. These bikes are placed in eye-catching carrousels in major city centres in the Veluwe region and the province of Utrecht. With their smartphone, travellers can easily cover the "first and last mile" of their journey. This allows them to reach their final destination quickly and easily in a time when sustainability and accessibility are becoming increasingly important. KeoBike was created in cooperation with the province of Utrecht and ties in perfectly with the mobility strategy of our shareholder Keolis. This brings the total number of bicycles used by Keolis to 17,240.

KeoBike fits within our society's general development. Because people are changing the way they live, relax, work and travel. A journey is no longer restricted to a single modality. Syntus is therefore introducing new and flexible forms of mobility.

KeoBike is innovative. We use robust designer bikes created by Union with intelligent locks from Mobilock that do not require a key. The unique carousels make it easy to park the bikes and are an innovative feature in the environment.
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