Timetable 2020

Here you will find the leaflets and line network cards of the planned one that is valid from 15 December 2019.

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Most important changes

City Amersfoort

Line 5 Station - Vathorst via Schothorst
The departure times change so that the buses that return in Schothorst are better able to drive on time. In addition, attempts are made to link line 5 that runs to Schothorst and line 7 that continues to Vathorst (and vice versa) as much as possible. In the morning and evening rush, a few journeys to and from Schothorst lapse: in the morning towards Schothorst and in the evening towards the station.

Line 6 Station - Liendert and Rustenburg
The driving time will be adjusted so that buses are no longer unnecessarily waiting in the neighborhood (the Ganzenstraat stop). If the bus to Liendert is too early, it will now be waiting at the Neptunusplein stop.
Line 7 Station - Vathorst via Zielhorst

The departure times change so that the buses that return in Schothorst are better able to drive on time.
In addition, efforts are being made to ensure that line 7 that runs to Vathorst and line 5 that runs to Schothorst (and vice versa) is connected to each other as much as possible. In the morning and evening rush, a few journeys to and from Schothorst lapse: in the morning towards Schothorst and in the evening towards the station.

To relieve line 7 at busy times, line 203 runs a number of extra journeys along the route of line 7 to and from Valutaboulevard.

Amersfoort South city service
The routes of city lines 8, 9 and 19 in Amersfoort-Zuid are changing so that travelers from the neighborhoods are faster at the station and in the center.

Line 8 Station - Schuilenburg via Stadsring
The route changes. From the station the bus goes via the center, the Stadsring and the Hogeweg directly to Amerena. From there the route is continued through the Schuilenburg district. There will be an extra stop on the Ringweg Randenbroek.

Line 9 Station - Leusderkwartier via Eemgaarde
Line 9 takes over the route of the current line 8 in the Leusderkwartier. The buses run the loop through the Leusderkwartier counter-clockwise. The De Eemgaarde stop is only served on request. For this, the stop is provided with a push button with which you can indicate that you want to go.

Line 10  Station - Hoornbeeck/Van Lodenstein College
Extra trips are added on line 10, one in the morning rush hour and a few in the afternoon. In addition, longer buses are used more often so that students are transported more comfortably.

Line 17  Station - Leusden
Line 217 Station - Leusden (sneldienst)
Where necessary, the departure times are adjusted so that the buses can run better on time. This will be the case in particular for line 17.
Line 19 Station - Rusthof via Bergkwartier
Line 19 takes over part of the route from line 9 in the Bergkwartier. The route will be shortened. There will be an extra stop on Bonairelaan. In the morning, line 19 goes first to RoyalHaskoningDHV and then to Rusthof, the other way around in the afternoon. Line 19 also runs to / from RoyalHaskoningDHV and Rusthof during rush hour. Line 19 also runs on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Region Amersfoort - Veenendaal - Rhenen

The entire line network around the FoodValley will be changed. The aim is to meet all the wishes in the region as much as possible. The changes have therefore been attempted to offer benefits to as many travelers as possible.

Line (X)80 Amersfoort - Scherpenzeel - De Klomp
The route of line 80 / X80 is shortened. The Veenendaal-De Klomp - Rhenen section is canceled.
However, the bus often runs as (the new) line 87 to Veenendaal.
Just before and after rush hour, the number of journeys between Amersfoort and Scherpenzeel is reduced slightly. Instead, additional buses run from Amersfoort to Veenendaal-De Klomp during peak hours. The connection to the train in Veenendaal-De Klomp is improving.

Line 83 Veenendaal Centrum - West - De Klomp
The departure times have been adjusted so that the buses can run better on time. The consequence of this is that it is no longer possible to connect all the connections in De Klomp during rush hour.
Line 87 Station De Klomp - Oost - Centrum - Petenbos - Station Centrum (NEW)
Line 87 is a new line that connects Veenendaal-De Klomp station with Veenendaal Oost, the center and Petenbos. In the morning the bus from these neighborhoods at Veenendaal-De Klomp station connects to the trains to Utrecht, in the afternoon in the other direction.
Line 280 Amersfoort - Veenendaal - Rhenen
On the Veenendaal - Rhenen route you can now use line 280. This bus runs twice an hour from Monday to Friday between Rhenen, Veenendaal Centrum station and the center of Veenendaal via the A12 to Amersfoort. This creates a direct, faster connection between Rhenen and Amersfoort and a good transfer option on line 50 in Rhenen and Veenendaal on line 87. There is also a good transfer option on the train at Veenendaal Centrum station. During off-peak hours, line 280 runs once an hour between Rhenen and Veenendaal Centrum station.

Region Utrecht - Wageningen / Veenendaal and Amersfoort - Wijk bij Duurstede

Line 50 Utrecht - Doorn - Veenendaal / Wageningen (NEW U-Link)
The Utrecht - Doorn route will be adjusted together with U-OV. In addition to line 50 from Syntus Utrecht, lines 51, 52, 71, 251 and 271 from U-OV will also run here until December 2019. From now on, all these bus lines will run as line 50 with a changed route. The line is operated jointly by U-OV and Syntus Utrecht.

A bus runs every 5 minutes in the morning rush hour between Utrecht Central Station and Driebergen-Zeist station and every 6 minutes in the afternoon rush hour. During off-peak hours there will be a travel option every 7.5 minutes and every 15 minutes in the evening. U-Link line 50 can also be used every 10 minutes during the day on weekends.

U-Link lines distinguish themselves in appearance (house style), in travel speed and comfort. To increase the travel speed on the U-Link lines, line 50 does not stop at the Archimedeslaan, Steinenburglaan and Kerklaan stops between Utrecht and De Bilt. Line 74 still stops at these stops. In addition, a few unused stops are being skipped on the Heuvelrug.

Line 56  Amersfoort - Soesterberg - Zeist - Doorn - Wijk bij Duurstede
Change the departure times. Extra journeys are made in the morning rush hour and on Sunday to compensate for the loss of line 52. In Soesterberg the route of line 52 is driven as it was before the change in December 2019.
Line 381 Driebergen-Zeist - Austerlitz - Zeist
Line 381 now runs once every hour between Driebergen-Zeist station, Austerlitz and Zeist bus station. The Zeist bus station - Soest National Military Museum route has been canceled. Travelers can use line 56 or neighborhood bus line 575 for this route.

SyntusFlex in Mijdrecht

M1 / M2 / SyntusFlex Mijdrecht
Line M1 and M2 in Mijdrecht have such a low occupation that both lines are canceled. Instead, there will be a flexible public transport system: SyntusFlex. You book a ride from stop to stop whenever you want. You can find more information about SyntusFlex at syntusutrecht.nl/flex.

Region Breukelen - Maarssen - Utrecht

Line 120 Utrecht - Breukelen - Amsterdam Southeast
The route of line 120 changes between Utrecht and Maarssen. The bus now runs via Burgemeester Norbruislaan, Marnixlaan and Vleutenseweg. In Maarssen there is also a stop at the Driesprong stop. The departure times are changing so that buses can run better on time, in particular between Loenen and Breukelen. Some very early and very late journeys from line 120 to and from Amsterdam are canceled or shortened. Almost no use is made of this. In Breukelen, line 120 connects better with the trains and with line 130.

Region Uithoorn - Mijdrecht - Woerden

Line 123 (Uithoorn -) Mijdrecht - Woerden
Line 123 is geared on weekdays to the student lines that also run on this route. The bus runs more frequently during rush hour and extra buses are used for a number of journeys. In addition, a number of journeys start and end in Uithoorn.

Region Utrecht - Woerden / Gouda

Line 102 Utrecht - Woerden
The departure times change so that the buses can run better on time. In Woerden the connection to the train and vice versa is improving. A few journeys are canceled because there is little use of them. 
Line 107 Utrecht - Gouda
The departure times change so that the buses can run better on time. In Gouda, the connection to the train and vice versa is improving. A few journeys are canceled because there is little use of them.

ue to the large number of stops along the line, a few stops will be merged. This combination makes it easier for the bus to run on time.

Region Utrecht - Schoonhoven - Rotterdam

Line 195 (Utrecht -) IJsselstein - Benschop - Schoonhoven
Line 295 Utrecht - IJsselstein - Schoonhoven - Rotterdam
Line 295 is a popular line that has growth. That is why we are continuing to expand this line together with Arriva. Line 295 now runs all day. During the day every 15 minutes and in the direction of Utrecht between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., even six times an hour.

Line 195 becomes an additional line on line 295. During rush hour, the bus runs on the Utrecht - IJsselstein - Benschop - Schoonhoven route. Outside rush hour, line 195 only runs on the IJsselstein - Benschop - Schoonhoven route. Line 195 therefore no longer runs between Schoonhoven and Rotterdam, but in the morning rush hour a few trips from Schoonhoven continue as line 295 to Rotterdam.

Line 195 runs every 30 minutes during peak hours and once per hour during off-peak hours during the day and evening. The departure times are aligned with line 106 and neighborhood bus line 504, so that there are several departure times during the day from IJsselstein to Benschop and vice versa.

The journeys on line 195 to and from Utrecht run during rush hour in IJsselstein via the Lage Dijk business park. As a result, the business park during rush hour is directly connected to Utrecht Central.

Cityservice and SyntusFlex Woerden

Line 3 Woerden Station - Middelland - Molenvliet
Line 4 Woerden Station - Centrum - Molenvliet
Line 5 Woerden Station Zuidzijde - Linschoten - Montfoort (- Oudewater)

Flex Woerden (additional and evening / weekend)
The city service in Woerden is limited to the connections that are used the most. In addition, SyntusFlex will be expanded and additional stops will be added. As a result, SyntusFlex offers additional transport for the whole of Woerden.

Line 2 is canceled. Travelers can use SyntusFlex and line 102. More information about SyntusFlex can be found at syntusutrecht.nl/flex.

Lines 3 and 4 now run in one direction. Line 3 runs quickly from the station to the Middelland and Molenvliet business park. Line 4 runs from Molenvliet through the center to the station in the morning. In the afternoon the buses run in the opposite direction. Both lines run once per hour during off-peak hours.

On bus 5, larger buses are used on the busiest journeys. In Oudewater, the bus continues to the Tappersheul business park.

The departure times of all lines in Woerden are changing, so that buses can run better on time.

Utrecht Science Park

Line 201 Rijnsweerd Noord - USP - Amersfoort Centrum (evening/weekend - NEW)
This is a new bus line that runs from Monday to Friday in the evenings and all day during the weekend. The bus runs between Rijnsweerd Noord and Amersfoort Centrum (Brabantsestraat). The Amersfoort and Eemplein stops are served in Amersfoort, so that you can switch to city and regional lines in all directions.
Line 202, 203, 204, 206, 207, 272, 298, 299
The departure times of all lines change, so that buses can run better on time.
Lijn 203
Line 203 drives an extra trip to Amersfoort in the morning, also as a replacement for student line 623. This bus runs along with line 7 between Amersfoort Center, Schothorst and Vathorst. Students for the MBO Amersfoort on the Valutaboulevard can also use this ride.

Line 272
Line 272 drives an extra journey between Baarn and Utrecht at 7.39 a.m. In addition, there is an extra ride in both directions around 11 am.

School lines

Line 680 Rhenen - De Klomp - Amersfoort
Line 683 Veenendaal-De Klomp - Hoevelaken

Line 690 Rhenen - De Klomp - Amersfoort
Several lines of pupils run from Rhenen (lines 680, 683, 690) to Amersfoort and Hoevelaken. Because there are not enough passengers between Rhenen and Veenendaal to fill three buses, from now on only line 680 runs between Rhenen and Veenendaal-De Klomp. At this station you can transfer to line 683 to Hoevelaken.

Line 690 is canceled because it is used too little. The few pupils from Elst and Veenendaal-West can now use lines 50 and 83 and also transfer to Veenendaal-De Klomp station.

Line 682 Houten - Utrecht WKZ - Amersfoort
Line 682 from Houten now runs in Utrecht via the WKZ (Wilhelmina Children's Hospital), so that at this stop you can switch from the tram from Central Station to the school bus and vice versa. Students from Houten and Utrecht are therefore traveling a few minutes longer. However, the advantage is that travelers from Houten can also transfer here, for example, to line 203 to the other schools in Amersfoort (Guido de Brès, MBO Amersfoort).

Summer lines (line 382 and 383)

Line 382 and 383 to Henschotermeer
Due to the limited number of travelers, both summer lines to Henschotermeer will be canceled. Alternatively, travelers can use line 298 from Monday to Friday. This also runs along the Henschotermeer.