Increased fine for fare evasion per 1 April 2016

As of 1 April 2016, the fine for fare evasion in public transport will be increased to € 50.

This increased sum was decided upon by the state secretary of Infrastructure and Environment. The fine was last raised on 1 January 2005, which means it has remained unchanged for eleven years. As of 1 April, the fine will be raised from €35 to 50. This increase is equal to the average increase of public transport rates in recent years. The administrative costs will also go up: from €10 to €15.

This fine is the same across all forms of public transport: buses, trams, metros and trains.

Public transport operators can issue this fine to passengers who make use of public transport or public transport facilities and who fail to show a valid ticket upon inspection. In that event, the passenger must pay the fine on top of the cost of their ticket.

Increased fine for fare evasion per 1 April 2016