From 9 December 2018 a new timetable of Syntus Utrecht 

On Sunday 9 December, the new timetable of Syntus Utrecht will be used for public transport in the province of Utrecht. The new timetable is partly based on tips and feedback from travelers and our bus drivers. Together with the province of Utrecht, municipalities and ROCOV, we discuss annually how we can improve the quality and reliability of public transport. In order to make buses run even better in the coming year, the driving time on a number of lines in the new timetable has been increased. The connections to trains and other buses have also been improved. All this with the aim of a logical, fast and comfortable journey from beginning to end for our travelers. Look for the changed departure times at

Main changes:

  • Line 217 from Amersfoort Station to Leusden now also runs during the holiday periods.
  • Line X80, 82 and 280 between Woudenberg and Amersfoort are better attuned to each other. The lines depart at various times, creating more travel options on this route.
  • Line 2 and 4 in Amersfoort run every 15 minutes during peak hours instead of every 10 minutes.
  • Lines 5 and 7 are less frequent in Amersfoort between the stations Schothorst and Vathorst.
  • Every neighborhood in Amersfoort-Noord will be accessible at least 4 times per hour during the day from Monday to Saturday.
  • Line 70 runs less often between Soest and Amersfoort, the line runs in rush hour every 10 minutes instead of eight times per hour.
  • Extra buses run on line 130 (Uithoorn - Breukelen). The connection in Breukelen on the trains to and from Utrecht has also been improved. In order to realize a good connection, the departure times are advanced by a few minutes.
  • The city service in Woerden has been completely renewed. Lines have been reorganized and travelers in Woerden and Linschoten can use SyntusFlex, a new flexible transport service, in the evenings and at weekends.
  • The Uithoflines 202, 203, 204, 206 and 299 go more frequently every day. In addition, at peak times, the supply of buses is better attuned to the number of passengers. In the morning it is possible to travel from Utrecht to Amersfoort and vice versa in the afternoon.
  • Spitslijn 298 is a new line from August 2018 and connects Veenendaal, De Klomp, Renswoude, Scherpenzeel and Woudenberg directly with De Uithof and Rijnsweerd.
  • From now on, rush line 207 will run all day between Oudewater and De Uithof, also in the opposite direction.
  • Line 107 (Utrecht - Gouda) runs every 10 minutes in rush hour instead of eight times per hour between Montfoort and Utrecht. During the summer and Christmas holidays the bus runs every 15 minutes from and to Utrecht in rush hour. Lines 107 and 195 are going to / from Utrecht twice per hour on Sunday.
  • Line 106 (Nieuwegein - Gouda) no longer runs on Saturdays because virtually no use was made of the journeys.
  • Syntus Utrecht and U-OV offer a completely renewed night network in Utrecht, which means that night buses are available at more places and at more times.
  • In Mijdrecht and IJsselstein KeoBikes are placed to facilitate the last part of the journey.

Travel plans
Syntus Utrecht provides bus transport in the province of Utrecht on behalf of the province of Utrecht. The new leaflets and line networks are available on The lines and timetable can also be viewed via the interactive travel planner. This gives travelers a visual, understandable and up-to-date overview of their travel options.