Syntus wants nation-wide approach for cash on buses

Following the robbery of a Syntus bus driver in Apeldoorn on Monday night 4 April, Syntus, unions and the Works Council made new agreements about the steps that need to be taken to ban cash money from buses. The unions want this ban to be implemented per 1 January 2017. Syntus is looking into ways to realise this change and will draw up an integral plan of action before 1 May.

Bus drivers carry no more than €25 in cash money on them. In order to ban cash payments entirely, Syntus wants to make it so that passengers can only pay for their journey with an OV chip card or via new payment methods. At the moment, Syntus already offers its passengers the option to pay with the Syntus app. With this app, passengers can buy their ticket or subscription in advance and then show it to the driver on their smartphone.

Intensified surveillance

Following the incident in Apeldoorn, Syntus enlisted the services of a security company as of today to conduct additional surveillance on various bus lines and on the bus station. Additional agreements have  been made with the police department as well. "We are glad that the police contribute to the safety of our passengers and employees by conducting additional surveillance and inspections," says Director of Operations Richard Bruns. Syntus will also sit down to discuss the matter with its clients and regulators in other transport regions.


Nation-wide problem

As part of the FMN (Federation Mobility Operators Netherlands), Syntus is already in contact with the Ministries of Infrastructure & Environment and Safety & Justice to come up with a joint solution for this nation-wide problem. Banning cash money on buses only works if it is implemented by all operators at the same time.

Earlier this morning, drivers in Apeldoorn temporarily went on strike to express their concern and to make a statement in order to emphasise the urgency of this nation-wide social issue. From 7:30 AM, passengers in Apeldoorn were able to make use of public transport again.

Syntus wants nation-wide approach for cash on buses