Syntus introduces travel ban per 1 September 2016

Measure intended to make public transport even safer

From 1 September, Syntus will issue a travel ban for serious misconduct or repeated fare evasion. This measure is intended to further increase the safety of both passengers and employees. Syntus does not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour on board its buses or trains. "Both our passengers and our employees have to feel safe on board our public transport," says Inge Heijna, manager of social safety at Syntus. “The introduction of this travel ban by other public transport operators shows that this is an effective and preventative means to counteract unacceptable behaviour from passengers and to increase the feeling of safety on public transport. Syntus will therefore also be introducing the travel ban. It contributes to our goal: a safe journey for everyone."

Repeated fare evasion or aggression and violence

Per 1 September 2016, passengers who repeatedly travel without a valid ticket or who threaten, curse at or use physical violence against others may have a travel ban imposed on them by authorised Service & Control staff from Syntus. This travel ban applies to a certain route (bus or train) for a period of four to eight weeks, depending on the incident. During this period, the passenger in question may not use Syntus buses or trains on that route.


Syntus' Service & Control staff, who are trained in the role of special investigating officer, will enforce any travel bans they have imposed. That means that, should a passenger violate the ban, Syntus staff will apprehend the passenger in question and hand them over to the police. Syntus has made agreements about this with the police and the Public Prosecution Department. Syntus wants to offer its passengers a safe journey and it has the qualities and requirements necessary to ensure a safe public transport service.

Syntus introduces travel ban per 1 September 2016