Syntus takes measures to increase safety of drivers and passengers

After ongoing discussions between unions, the Works Council Veluwe and Syntus, several measures were taken on Friday 29 April to increase the security of bus drivers and passengers. The reason for this was, among other things, the robbery of a bus driver in Apeldoorn on 4 April. In addition to these measures, which will be implemented on short notice, Syntus is actively participating in the nation-wide effort to ban cash money from buses.

The measures Syntus will take consist of a combination of operational adjustments. The presence of surveillance staff will be increased, particularly in the evenings. We have made clear agreements with the police departments in all our concessions. Police will contribute to prevention and faster response times in the event of any calamities. Combined with the camera surveillance present on buses, this means there is a significant chance of arresting a suspect. In light of the Safe Public Services (VPT) programme, violence against people with a public function, e.g. bus drivers, will be punished more severely.

No more cash on board buses

Bus drivers carry no more than €25 in cash money. Syntus is taking measures to further reduce the presence of cash money on buses. We are looking into various options that will give bus drivers more places to deposit their cash. In preparation of the complete ban of all cash money on buses, Syntus will start a pilot programme in Apeldoorn this year to test equipment for alternative payment options, e.g. with a debit card or via touch-free payment.

Per 1 January 2018, Syntus wants to ban all cash money from its buses. The following three conditions apply:

  • Stable, well functioning cashless payment method;
  • Coordination with all relevant governments/clients;
  • Well informed passengers.

Nation-wide approach

Syntus will continue its discussions with other transport operators, clients and the national government to find a joint solution to this nation-wide social issue. Banning cash money on buses only works if it is implemented by all operators at the same time and if passengers are properly informed about the measure.

Syntus takes measures to increase safety of drivers and passengers