Starting November 1: no more cash in buses.

Starting November 1, it is no longer possible to pay in cash in Syntus Utrecht buses. After a smooth transition in other areas, Syntus buses in the Utrecht province will also stop accepting cash money from November 1 onwards. As an alternative, Syntus Utrecht introduced paying by card in buses. Safety first.
Safe and efficient
By avoiding cash in buses, Syntus Utrecht meets the demands from drivers to increase safety in buses. The reason for this was a series of violent assaults on bus drivers, where any cash money present was stolen. Apart from that, the new payment methods (like bank card and credit card) are faster and more efficient. There is no longer any need for change, for example. For the traveller, the new option of paying by card means extra convenience, since it has become a common and popular payment method. Client, social partners and unions were closely involved in the transition process to cashless public transport.
Alternatives for cash
Spokesperson Lotte Hendriksen: “For most travellers, the disappearance of cash in buses in 2018 is no problem. Lots of people already use (contactless) payment by card or travel with the OV-chipkaart. We take extra measures and offer alternatives for those travellers without a bank card. For example, they can buy a ticket at one of our service points before their journey.” On top of that, travellers can also buy an OV-chipkaart or use the Syntus app.
Pay quickly and easily.
Safety first.

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