New: PIN your ticket in the bus


More convenience and safety for travelers, because cash disappears

The buses from Syntus get new payment convenience. In addition to payment instruments such as the OV chip card and the Syntus app, separate tickets can now also be settled with PIN (contactless) or credit card (with code). All these payment methods are easy, fast and above all safe. Cash will for that reason gradually disappear from the bus.

No cash in early 2018
It is expected that the start of 2018 (date to be determined) can no longer be paid with cash. We do this to increase safety in the bus for our employees and travelers. In addition, the new payment methods (such as PIN and credit card) are faster and more efficient. For example, no more money needs to be exchanged. Until that time, travelers can pay with both PIN and cash in the bus. The months of January and February are months in which the technology is tested in practice. In that period it is not 100% guaranteed that there can be pinned in every bus and so in some cases cash can still be paid.

Alternatives for cash
For the largest group of travelers, the disappearance of cash in 2018 on the bus is not an issue. Almost everyone pays (without contact) with PIN. For the small group of travelers without a debit card, we take extra measures and offer alternatives from the moment that cash payments can not be made. This allows them to purchase a ticket at one of our sales points prior to the trip. In addition, travelers can of course also purchase an OV chip card or use Syntus app.

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New: PIN your ticket in the bus