Timetable 2021

The world around us has changed. We work more from home, are on the road less often and are on the road at different times. We change with it. However you travel in the future, we are here for you. But just a little bit different. Our timetable will change on 3 January. We take over a number of lines from U-OV and vice versa. In some cases, departure times, frequencies and routes change. A single line will be canceled. Check out what changes for you below.

Timetable changes
The biggest change this year has to do with a line swap between U-OV (Qbuzz) and Syntus Utrecht so that drivers' services can be better coordinated or combined and fewer buses stand still. The U-OV Gemaksabonnementen are also valid from January 3 on Syntus Utrecht line 202, 381 and the exchanged lines 58, 59.
  • Line 33, the Utrecht Science Park - Vianen route, will be added to line 202 Amersfoort - USP and will be fully operated by Syntus Utrecht from next year.
  • Line 43 Driebergen Zeist - Houten remains U-OV. The remaining section of the Driebergen Zeist - Kerkenbosch - Zeist Bus station section will be merged with the 58 line and served by Syntus Utrecht.
  • Line 56 Wijk bij Duurstede - Driebergen Zeist - Amersfoort will be operated entirely by U-OV from next year. View the changes here.
  • Line 58 Hilversum - Maartensdijk - Zeist will be operated by Syntus Utrecht from next year.
  • Line 59 Hilvesum - Lage Vuursche - Zeist will be operated by Syntus Utrecht from next year.
Below you will find a list of the other changes that will take effect from the next timetable year.

Amersfoort citybus
Line 2 Central Station - Nieuwland
During the week the departure times have changed during the day. The concurrence with line 202 creates the opportunity to travel to / from Amersfoort CS six times an hour during rush hour.

Line 3 Central station - Vathorst via Meander MC
Line 4 Central station - Kattenbroek
Line 5 Central station - Vathorst via Schothorst
Line 6 Central station - Liendert and Rusthof

These lines run twice an hour on Saturdays. This makes the Saturday timetable comparable to the Sunday timetable.

Line 7 Central station - Schothorst Vathorst
Line 8 Central station - Schuilenberg

On weekdays during off-peak hours and on Saturdays, the frequency for lines 7 and 8 will be reduced to twice an hour. During rush hour, line 7 continues to run four times an hour. Line 8 will continue to run twice an hour for the time being.

Line 9 Central station - Leusderkwartier
This line will run via Borneoplein after 9 p.m. on weekdays and after 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, the route of line 19. During the daytime line 9 always runs with a 12-meter bus, but the frequency will be reduced to twice an hour.

Line 10 Central station - Hoornbeeck / van Lodesteincollege
Line 10 will continue to operate on the current timetable.

Line 17 Central station - Leusden
Line 217 Central station - Leusden (fast service)

During rush hour, line 17 runs six times an hour and line 217 twice an hour. During off-peak hours, evenings and weekends, the frequency of line 17 remains the same.

Line 19 Central station - Borneoplein - RHDHV - Rusthof - ISVW
The route has been extended to ISVW in Leusden. After 9 p.m. and on weekends, line 19 no longer runs and line 9 can be used.
Woerden City Service
Line 3 Woerden station - Molenvliet
Line 4 Woerden station - Molenvliet

Lines 3 and 4 will no longer run during off-peak hours. Travelers can instead travel with SyntusFlex. Reservations can be made via syntusutrecht.nl/flex or by telephone on 088 - 0331402.

Line 5 Oudewater - Woerden - Montfoort
The Oudewater section goes to line 123. Line 5 to Montfoort remains unchanged. In Woerden, a bus lane is being constructed between the station and the Polanerbaan for a faster flow.

SyntusFlex Woerden
SyntusFlex de Ronde Venen

SyntusFlex is currently also temporarily replacing local bus 526. If the local bus is running again, this replacement will be canceled. Reservations can be made via syntusutrecht.nl/flex or by telephone on 088 - 0331402.
Regional lines Syntus Utrecht
Line 56 Wijk bij Duurstede - Driebergen-Zeist - Amersfoort.
The bus line will be operated by U-OV from 3 January. View the changes for this line here.

Line 58 Hilversum - Maartensdijk - Bilthoven - Zeist - Kerckebosch - Driebergen-Zeist
Line 58 is operated by Syntus Uttecht and continues in Zeist to the station via Kerckebosch and runs past the hospital until approximately 20:00. This is in line with visiting times.

Line 59 Hilversum - Lage Vuursche - Zeist
New Syntus Utrecht line as of January 3, 2021. The departure times will change by a few minutes, in order to provide as much connection as possible with the Intercity's and other trains in Hilversum. The Saturday timetable will disappear.

Line 70 Hilversum - Amersfoort
Line 70 will temporarily run four times an hour between Soestdijk Noord and Amersfoort during rush hour. Line 70 runs twice an hour in the direction of Hilversum, the extra journeys will be canceled. However, there will be a connection to line 74 at Soestdijk Noord in the rush hour direction.

Line 74 Soestdijk North - Soest South
The Saturday timetable of line 74 is canceled. The train and local bus 575 are good replacements here. Local bus 575 will from now on also stop at the Albert Cuyplaan and Kerkplein stops.

Line 80 Amersfoort - De Klomp
This line will always run through Leusden, initially twice an hour throughout the day.

Line X80 Amersfoort - De Klomp (fast service)
The line is discontinued, as the route of line 80 remains the same all day.

Line 82 Amersfoort - Doorn Berkenweg
Line 82 will not run through Leusden, but along Arnhemseweg, coordinated with line 280 during rush hour jointly four times an hour between Maarsbergen and Amersfoort. During off-peak hours, line 82 temporarily runs once an hour.

Line 83 Veenendaal - De Klomp
The driving time and connection to Veenendaal-De Klomp station will be adjusted and improved.

Line 87 De Klomp - Veenendaal East - Petenbos
This line will always connect to the trains to and from Utrecht in rush hour and during off-peak hours. In addition, the frequency will be reduced to once per hour during off-peak hours and on Saturdays.

Line 102 Utrecht - Harmelen - Woerden
This line runs twice an hour during rush hour. The stop name P+R Papendorp has been changed to Papendorp-Midden.

Line 106 Nieuwegein - IJsselstein - Gouda
Line 106 runs every two hours in order to link up with school and working hours as much as possible. Travelers can also use lines 295 and 497 (Arriva) via Schoonhoven. There are still consultations with Arriva before accepting the subscriptions that are for sale with us.

Line 107 Utrecht - Montfoort - Oudewater - Gouda
During the afternoon rush hour, this line runs four times an hour between Utrecht and Montfoort. In the morning peak peak, up to six buses per hour continue to run, as do extra buses to Gouda.

Line 120 Utrecht - Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena
Runs twice an hour during rush hour. In addition, departure times change in the evening and on Sundays.

Line 123 Mijdrecht - Woerden - Oudewater
The Oudewater section of line 5 will join the route of line 123.

Line 195 Utrecht - IJsselstein - Benschop - Schoonhoven
during off-peak hours and at weekends, line 195 runs between Benschop van Iperen and IJsselstein, with connections in IJsselstein towards Utrecht and at the Halfweg stop in Benschop towards Rotterdam.

Lines Utrecht Science Park

Line 201 Amersfoort Brabantsestraat - USP - Rijnsweerd Noord
Line 201 will be canceled, journeys will be bundled with the new line 202.

Line 202 Amersfoort Nieuwland - USP - Vianen
Will drive between the Stadhuis and P + R Soesterberg stops via Amersfoort CS. This change creates an improved connection between Nieuwland and the Utrecht Science Park. You can travel six times an hour during rush hour and four times an hour during off-peak hours, with a smooth transfer at Amersfoort CS. In addition, three new boarding options will be added in Nieuwegein.

Line 203 Amersfoort Vathorst - USP
Operates three / four times an hour in the morning rush hour between Vathorst and USP, and twice an hour in the afternoon rush hour. The frequency between Schothorst station and USP has increased significantly and lines 204 and 206 will be canceled.

Line 204 Amersfoort Kattenbroek - Utrecht - Rijnsweerd Noord
Line 204 will be canceled. Travelers from Hoogland can use the stops of line 202 or travel with line 4 to the station and change to the new frequent 202. The same applies to Kattenbroek.

Line 206 Amersfoort Rustenburg - Utrecht - Rijnsweerd Noord
Line 206 will be canceled. Travelers to USP can now use a stop of line 203. Or can travel with line 6 to the center or the station, and then change to line 202 or 203.

Line 207 Utrecht Science Park - Montfoort - Oudewater
In view of the low use of the line and the applicable measures, it has been decided to discontinue the line for the time being.

Line 272 Baarn - Utrecht Rijnsweerd Noord
Next year the line will start and end in Baarn. Travelers from Bunschoten and Spakenburg can travel by local bus or via Amersfoort station. Line 272 will also run earlier and the Paleis Soestdijk stop will be added.

Line 280 Rhenen - Veenendaal - Amersfoort
Operates via Veenendaal Centrum station and will connect better to the trains throughout the week, without the connection to line 50 in Rhenen deteriorating.

Line 298 De Klomp - Woudenberg - Utrecht Rijnsweerd Noord
Line 298 will no longer run between Veenendaal-De Klomp and Woudenberg stations. From Woudenberg you can use line 80 to Scherpenzeel and Renswoude, and line 280 to Veenendaal. From Woudenberg, line 298 will run more often to USP and Rijnsweerd.

Line 356 Amersfoort - Soest National Military Museum
This line has expired. Travelers can use lines 34 or 56 and get off at 't Zwaantje in Soesterberg. From there it is about a 20 minute walk across the site of the former airport. You can also use line 575.

Local busses
Local bus 575 Soest - Driebergen
At the request of the neighborhood bus association, the two stops Albert Cuyplaan and Kerkplein in Soest will be added to the route.

Night lines
Line N20 Utrecht - Maarsen
This line will run to the stop Maarssen, Dorp. From there, the bus returns directly to Utrecht CS.

Line N26 Amsterdam Leidseplein - Wilnis
Line N26 will run to the Wilnis, Burg stop. De Voogtlaan. From there the bus returns directly to Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

Click here for the digital brochures and the Syntus Utrecht line network card valid 3 January 2021